Ongoing success through Xtend marketing campaigns

Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, celebrated a successful year of campaign management in 2020, and is pleased to see the momentum continue as they march through 2021. Xtend completed a total of 121 campaigns with outreach expanding to over 660K members through email and 20K outbound calls made; resulting in nearly […]

Xtend Data Analytics launches fourth Losing the Love client this year

Xtend Data Analytics launched Losing the Love for RVA Financial Federal Credit Union on March 4, 2021, making them the fourth client to launch the service with Xtend since October 2020. Xtend has also recently launched this marketing program for TruChoice Federal Credit Union, KALSEE Credit Union, and River Valley Credit Union. Losing the Love […]

Xtend Data Analytics implements wrap up codes for Total Community Credit Union

Xtend Data Analytics assisted in the configuration, implementation, and training of wrap up codes for Total Community Credit Union through its new Wrap Up Code Consultation service. This is the first credit union to take full advantage of the service with Xtend. The entire service takes two weeks to implement, and then the results are […]

Kalsee CU partners with Xtend Data Analytics for Losing the Love

Kalsee Credit Union has officially launched Losing the Love with Xtend Data Analytics as of January 6, 2021. Kalsee originally signed on for a special Losing the Love: Loans program in September 2020 and approached Xtend for the standard Losing the Love program only a few months later after seeing wins with the specialized loans […]

TruChoice Credit Union makes great choice by working with Xtend

As Xtend continues to grow internally, so does their client base. In July 2020, TruChoice Credit Union (Maine) made its Xtend debut. Xtend provides inbound member service assistance for TruChoice’s membership base of roughly 12,000, with assets totaling $171,757,706. “I know it’s only been a week, but we are happy with the way the team […]

Xtend breaks record for 5300 call report assistance

Xtend, a Grand Rapids, MI-based shared resource CUSO announced today that it has broken its previous record for call report assistance. The CUSO supports credit unions during call report months by partnering with the credit union to populate the 5300 Call Report. “We have put a very focused effort in ensuring our core products continue […]

Xtend announces exciting investment in their email communication platform

Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, is excited to announce enhancements to their email platform. Xtend sends millions of emails annually for their 300 credit union clients. With the implementation of this new user-friendly platform, the approval process for email proofs is streamlined, increases effective communication among clients, and provides one source […]

Great Lakes Federal Credit Union Credit Union becomes the newest owner of Xtend CUSO

Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, announced last week that the board has approved a new owner of the CUSO. Great Lakes Federal Credit Union (4,500 members, $54.7 M assets), which is based in Bay City, MI, will join the group of 80 owners who each share equal parts of ownership in […]