Xtend Data Analytics Announces Social Media Scorecard

Xtend Data Analytics introduced a new product at the Xtend Leadership Conference on June 25, 2024: the Social Media Scorecard. This new product will allow credit unions using Xtend’s Social Cloud platform to analyze their social media data, share the results of their social media marketing with their teams, and form better decisions for future posting.

“We were excited to create a product that helped with a common pain point we’ve heard from marketers over the years,” said Sarah Ashby, AVP of Communications with Xtend. “We’ve been told that it was hard to demonstrate the value of the effort that so many marketing directors put into their social media presence. So, we created something that helps marketers do that at a cost-effective price.”

The Social Media Scorecard and all three other scorecard products are available for order today on the Xtend website: www.xtendcu.com.