The cuasterisk.com Mission

Representing a network of credit union-owned CUSOs that have developed a capability for serving members in a whole new way, cuasterisk.com leverages the power and effectiveness of a collaborative network of business partners committed to coming together to provide credit unions a variety of popular services at competitive CUSO prices. The footprint of this network reaches over 600 credit unions nationwide and is designed to provide credit unions the opportunity to roll out new services faster to market and at a lower cost.

cuasterisk.com is an idea incubator and innovator. Bring your best ideas to the table, become part of our network and gain access to an expansive market containing over 600 credit unions nationwide.


Scott Collins


Scott Collins is the Executive Vice President of National Sales and Marketplace Relationships at CUAnswers and serves on the CUSO’s Executive Council. He joined CUAnswers in March of 2003, where he began his tenure as the President and first employee of Xtend, Inc., a multi-owned cooperative CUSO formed with the sole purpose of increasing the competitive advantage of its owing credit unions through aggregate buying, strategic partnerships, and shared resource services. During his fourteen (14) years leading Xtend, he oversaw the growth of the company to more than 75 employees and the development of a broad product and service portfolio that served more than 150 credit unions across the country. In March of 2017, Scott transitioned to his new role leading the national sales and collaboration efforts for CU*Answers.

Scott has a long history of supporting the Credit Union movement. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Hope College, he was hired by IBM Corporation in 1985. In his seven years at IBM, Scott occupied various sales and management positions, where his many clients included WESCO (the data processing CUSO that is now CUAnswers). After leaving IBM to pursue other opportunities, he continued to serve the credit union industry as an IT Consultant, working very closely with CUAnswers and its clients for nearly a decade.

Geoff Johnson


As CEO of CUAnswers, Geoff Johnson brings a wealth of practical lending experience and industry knowledge to the table with sixteen years in credit union leadership roles that oversaw the strategic direction of lending and sales in the following areas: commercial, consumer, credit card, indirect, participation, real estate, and all aspects of collections. Geoff Johnson was appointed the Chief Operations Officer of CUAnswers in 2014 and promoted to President/COO in 2018.

Since joining CUAnswers in 2005 as the Executive Vice President of Client Interactions, Geoff has worked closely in the growth and development of the Management Services teams including Earnings Edge, LenderVP, AuditLink, Web Services, SettleMINT, and Imaging Solutions.