How To Join

It’s easy to join! As a network of partners committed to serving credit unions, we are always on the lookout to add innovative organizations looking for new ways to craft businesses that change the stale, outdated model for helping credit unions grow and achieve greater scale.

Ultimately, this network business design works when the environment (ecosystem) creates the belief in the minds of its participants that their very participation in the network gives them a competitive advantage.

You don’t have to be part of the financial industry to join us. In fact, If you believe a model designed to extend ourselves into multiple businesses via a collaborative and executing network of partners offering a variety of disciplines will help change the manner in which this industry – leading to creative vision for design and a more cost-effective option for credit unions anxious to participate, then we are very interested in talking with you.


What it means to be a Group Provider

Group Providers are companies that are committed to driving CU*BASE core data processing sales on a wholesale level. Through investment in various go-to-market resources (i.e. sales, project management, programming, client services, operations, etc.) a Group Provider forges a deep partnership with its credit union clients and network partners. Sales efforts are typically focused on a particular region of the country.

Planning meeting

What it means to be a Network Facilitator

Network Facilitators are companies that seek business growth through collaboration with the business partners that comprise the network. Through the co-investment in the business plans of its peers, the companies that comprise the network do business with more than 700 companies across the U.S., with three overarching goals: increasing the CU*BASE core footprint nationally; driving more utilization of Network Facilitators products and services; and helping credit unions to survive and thrive.