Xtend Data Analytics Announces Integrated Surveys

Xtend Data Analytics has upgraded their use of survey communications to include “integrated surveys” within all their survey programs in 2024. Integrated surveys are a way to avoid forcing members to click on a link and fill out a survey in a separate landing page from the communication sent. When surveys are integrated, members can fill out their responses and submit feedback directly within the body of the email sent to them.

“We have always seen one of the highest click-through rates via our survey programs at Xtend,” said Sarah Ashby, AVP of Communications at Xtend. “With the use of integrated surveys, we’ve seen an average member-response improvement of an additional 4%, with some credit unions seeing as much as a 8-12% increase in members fully filling out their surveys.”

Xtend Data Analytics offers two survey services: Member Survey Program and Losing the Love. Both are available for order at the Xtend website: www.xtendcu.com.