Monroe Community Credit Union engages the Earnings Edge and Lender*VP teams for tune-up

During the week of September 21, 2020, the management staff from Monroe Community Credit Union worked with the Earnings Edge and Lender*VP teams to review CU*BASE configurations, workflow processes, and best practices. This style of tune-up is a two-day on-site engagement where the teams dive into the software to help increase the amount of efficiencies […]

DOLFCU works with the Earnings Edge team to increase cross sales efforts

Recently, Department of Labor Federal Credit Union tapped into the expertise of the Earnings Edge team at cooperative CUSO CU*Answers to configure, train, and implement the CU*BASE Cross Sales toolkit. The credit union had the goal of not only creating new configurations to allow their employees to actively track sales efforts, follow-ups, referrals, and leads, […]

Sioux Empire FCU analyzes potential to offer cash back rewards to members with a credit card

Sioux Empire FCU reached out to the Earnings Edge team at CU*Answers to discuss options for rewarding their members who are credit card holders. The toolkit that was most interesting to the team at Sioux Empire FCU was the CU*BASE credit card cash back toolkit that automatically posts a deposit to members at EOM based […]

Earnings Edge team visits Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union for strategy session

The Earnings Edge team, a division of CUSO CU*Answers, recently visited with the Sioux Empire Federal Credit Union (Sioux Falls, SD) team to discuss strategies related to taking advantage of the free software that CU*Answers releases to its credit unions each year, discussing how credit unions can get involved in the software development life cycle, […]

Earnings Edge performs CFO consulting service for First Financial CU

In September 2019, First Financial CU engaged with the Earnings Edge team of CUSO partner CU*Answers for CFO/back office consulting services to provide software training and policy guidance to their new CFO and accounting manager. The engagement provided the credit union with deeper insight into various accounting software tools to help create efficiencies within the […]

CU*Answers Doubles End-of-Month Files, Transaction History

CU*Answers, a 100% credit union-owned cooperative CUSO, recently concluded a project to double the amount of historical end-of-month data stored on its production servers. The CUSO began the process of expanding the standard retention of these files in March 2017, along with a similar project to progressively double the retention and availability of member transaction […]

Earnings Edge Assists Credit Union with Launch of Service Charge

The Earnings Edge team at CU*Answers recently assisted Lakes Community Credit Union (Lake Orion, MI) with the launch of a new service charge. Lakes Community was interested in automation strategies to ensure that their team would not have to perform the assessment of their new service charge manually. With the help of the Earnings Edge […]

Kansas City Credit Union Utilizes CU*BASE® to Reward Members

In late December, Kansas City Credit union, a credit union that converted to the CU*BASE system in 2016, rewarded their members through the use of a patronage dividend. After converting to CU*Answers’ core platform, the credit union was immediately excited about reviewing what opportunities they had to reward their membership for their participation. CU*Answers’ Earnings […]

Earnings Edge Announces 2017 Executive Study Group Program

The 2017 CU*Answers Executive Study Group program was recently announced to include two major categories: the Active Beta and Dashboard Dives programs. The two will include over forty web conferences for credit union executives to attend in 2017. These web conference are a continuation of the energy that is created during the CEO Strategies conference […]