Xtend and Member Reach – Delivering the Message!

Xtend, a multi-owned CUSO, announced it had designed a marketing platform for allowing credit unions to more easily contact members on a day-to-day basis. Xtend stated that the goal of its Member Reach service is to:

  • Electronically reach a credit union’s members 100 times more than they currently do.
  • Deliver consistent marketing messages to its members
  • Generate more services per member.

Xtend says that for credit unions using the CU*BASE processing system, Member Reach is an important tier of the Partners in Practice Marketing Package. Using CU*BASE tools and a variety of delivery channels, targeted members will receive email messages, online banking and statement messages, e-newsletters, audio response and optionally, a direct phone call. Member contacts are triggered by a variety of pre-selected events (28 total) including loans close to payoff, paid off loans, CD maturity, new members, Gen Y Members, tiered scoring relationships and more.

Xtend states that Member Reach is designed to tackle the daily contacts with members that most credit unions often talk about, but rarely find the time to implement. Xtend President Scott Collins says “no message is too small; they will be fast paced and quick hitting. Best of all, as based upon responses from a credit union and its members, we can adjust these messages on the fly!”

Currently, Xtend has partnered with 34 credit unions for using Member Reach, and is averaging over 100,000 member contacts monthly.

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