Lender*VP Offers Tune-Ups to “Amp-Up” Profitability

Lender*VP, CU*Answers division of Lending Experts is proud to announce a series of “Tune-Ups” designed to help credit unions harness the power of existing CU*Answers’ tools to help increase income, decrease costs, and save employee time.

This program is offered in 3 different levels—the first, “5000 Mile Tune-Up” is free to CU*BASE users and includes a phone consultation with a Lender*VP staff member in which areas of improvement for the credit union’s lending department are identified. Areas of focus include analyzing the use of delinquency notices, improving profitability by offering 45 Day 1st Payments, Risk-Based Pricing Reviews, and Portfolio Analysis Reports.

The “25,000 Mile Tune-Up” includes the complete “5,000 Mile Tune-Up” plus a one day onsite implementation and training visit from a Lender*VP Team Member, during which specific recommendations are made to increase lending efficiency and profitability. Loan Category and Products Review, Collections Configuration, and Cross Sales Analysis are just a few opportunities to take advantage of during this program.

The Lender*VP team also offers a “50,000 Mile Tune-Up”—to learn more about this program, and to take advantage of the experience and expertise of the Lender*VP team, contact Geoff Johnson, VP Lending Products at gjohnson@cuanswers,com, (800-327-3478×154), or John Yeomans, jyeomans@cuanswers (800-327-3478×203).

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