CU*Answers reaches new milestone with credit score soft pulls

CU*Answers has reached a new milestone in 2021 for updating member’s credit scores in CU*BASE. The Lender*VP Team updated over 2.2 million soft credit scores during the year with over 75 credit unions participating in the program. Credit score analysis continues to be a focus of development in CU*BASE® allowing credit unions to more effectively […]

1-Click Credit Cards – credit union defined, member initiated

Credit unions on the network are taking advantage of a smart new internet retailer approach to expanding their loan portfolio. 1-Click Credit Cards is a feature of the CU*BASE loan origination system that adds a complimentary, “hands-free” credit card opening solution to yesterday’s traditional member-generated application process. The traditional method isn’t going anywhere, but […]

Lender*VP adds Compass Credit Union to growing list of collections services clients

The Lender*VP Collections team serves as a partner for collections for many of the nearly 200 clients using CU*Answers across the country. “Some credit unions are permanent fixtures who have partnered with us for years and some prefer a ‘repair and return’ policy. In either case Lender*VP Collections is there to support the clients of […]

Collections completes second disaster recovery shutdown

The Lender*VP Collections team at CU*Answers tested the limits of its disaster recovery plan by holding a second “brown out” test. This test required the entire team to be absent and allowed no remote access to simulate no building access. “The results were good but somewhat surprising and validated our work,” said Collections Manager Jerry […]

CU*Answers rolls out member-initiated lending tools through self-serve CD-secured loans

Credit unions on the network now have the ability to cut the middleman out of the lending process. Who is the middleman you might ask? It’s the application and underwriting process. Imagine credit union members being able to open a new loan with the click of a button. That is what CU*Answers has launched […]

CU*Answers expands their client base for Mortgage Cadence

CU*Answers, the 100% credit-union owned, cooperative CUSO, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been a reseller of Accenture Mortgage Cadence’s LFC mortgage origination system since 2007. Over the last six months, five new clients of CU*Answers’ core platform came on board to use Mortgage Cadence for their mortgage originations: Western Division CU, Riverview CU, MyPensacola […]

CU*Answers collections roundtable goes completely virtual

The team at CU*Answers has offered semi-virtual collections roundtable offerings for a few years now. “Over the years, our Collections Roundtable events have become very popular,” said Jerry Collins, manager of the collections team at CU*Answers. “Many of the clients were not able to visit us geographically, so we decided to offer a virtual option […]

Collections gets a returning client

The Lender*VP Collections team at CU*Answers has added another client to their expanding list bringing the current total to 24. $181M-BlueOx Credit Union based in Michigan has over 22,000 members. “We are excited to see credit unions reaching out to us for all types of reasons including restructuring,” said Jerry Collins, the collections manager. The […]

Lender*VP completes annual risk-based pricing forms update and incorporates Vantage Score

Lender*VP Forms completed the annual update for its risk-based pricing forms (The Price You Pay for Credit). The graphs and scoring ranges have been updated with the 2019 FICO information received from the credit bureaus for each FICO model supported. The CU*Answers lending division also included the new graphs to support the new Vantage Score […]

Lender*VP shares tips on what to know about Small Business Administration assistance

The CARES Act, introduced by Congress in March in response to the financial hardships incurred as a result of the current pandemic, was created in part to provide funds to small businesses. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is one that credit unions can participate in as of way of helping business members. The PPP loans […]