eDOC Announces Security Audit Report Generator

eDOC Innovations (EDI), the nation’s leading CUSO for e-document management strategies, announced the release of the Security Audit Report Generator application for users of in-house EDI systems 5.1 and later.

eDOC developed and released the Security Audit Report Generator to assist administrators in performing audits of all user administration data. This report delineates Available Privileges, Effective Privileges assigned to groups, and an Individual Privilege profile for each system user.

The Security Audit Report application has been released to enhance the success of Clients’ current and future edocument strategies. While it is currently released as a stand alone module to make it retroactively compatible with EDI products version 5.1 or later, in the future it will be built into the base applications 2020DOC and 2020COLD and accessible simply through a “button” located in the administrator screen. It is designed to audit both file based security systems (through the Control Folder) and SQL based security systems (via access to the SQL database). While it is currently for in-house product users only, the Security Audit Report will be accessible through the ASP eReports product for ASP clients in the near future.

“Security and convenience are two of the foundational mainstays for a meaningful electronic document strategy”, explains Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations. “The Security Audit Report addresses these extremely important principles directly. Now, eDOC clients can easily view, research and manage privileges for staff members and oversee internal access to sensitive data and information that they have already taken great steps to secure.”

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