Over 700 credit unions have chosen eDOCSignature

eDOC Innovations, a leading e-commerce Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) based in Vermont, continued its growth by signing 37 credit union clients to its flagship e-sign solution, eDOCSignature®, bringing the total installed client base to more than 720 credit unions. These new clients were added during the first half of fiscal year 2022. Six years […]

Great Lakes First FCU expands with eDOC mDTM

Great Lakes First Federal Credit Union with 8,700+ members, based in Escanaba, MI, is expanding their existing eDOC Innovations’ DocLogic system as an integral part of their transition to a new core processor. Fully integrated with the credit union’s core of choice, CU*Answers, eDOC’s Mobile Enterprise Digital Transaction Management (mDTM®) automation process, including the eDOCSignature® […]

eDOC spreads holiday cheer

eDOC embraces cooperative principles and welcomes the opportunity to serve its community. Christmas is a season that should be filled with joy and merriment, especially for young children. However, it can sometimes become stressful when dire circumstances are unavoidable. Such is the plight of a family consisting of a single mom and two children ages […]

eDOC distributes 18% of 2021 earnings to owners

eDOC Innovations, a leading Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) based in Middlebury, VT, is pleased to announce the distribution of 18% of its 2021 earnings to its owners. These distributions come right as eDOC is starting to celebrate its 30th year of service to the credit union community in 2022. While some of eDOC’s credit […]

eDOC embraces core cooperative principles through charity

As a cooperative organization based in Middlebury, Vermont, eDOC Innovations strives to give back to the local community. This is especially true during the holiday season when eDOC helps local charities with food and other donations to impact the community positively. This year, eDOC employees donated food and other necessary personal items for anyone in […]

Kaua’i Government Employees FCU selects eDOC

Kaua’i Government Employees Federal Credit Union, a 7,000+ member credit union based in the beautiful and paradisical island of Kaua’i in the Aloha state, has selected eDOC Innovations’ Mobile Enterprise Digital Transaction Management (mDTM®) solution to provide state-of-the-art automation and management in their digital transaction business processes. Fully integrated with the credit union’s core of […]

eDOC awards participants of user experience survey

As part of its ongoing desire to understand the needs of clients and the members they serve, CUSO eDOC Innovations conducts user surveys to measure usability and software effectiveness. During the last few months, eDOC sent out a survey called “eDOCSignature User Experience” and gained valuable real market insights from respondents. For their participation, a […]

eDOC Mobile RDC surpasses 2 million checks processed annually

eDOC Innovations, a leading e-commerce Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) based in Vermont, has continued to grow its mobile remote deposit capture (Mobile RDC) enrollments and surpassed 2 million checks processed in 12 months. Since April 2021, 15 additional credit unions have started using the service for a total of 35 new users in 2021. […]

1st Street Credit Union generates member excitement using eSign

Arthur Hart, CEO of 1st Street CU, based in Sarasota, FL, has been exploring the best ways to push technology to attract younger credit union members while serving the older demographics who are less open to adopting them. His efforts led him to employ a unique initiative by offering a 0.5% interest discount on all […]