CUSO Shifts into “CU*OverDrive”

Xtend, Inc., a multi-owned cooperative CUSO headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced that it plans to roll out a new marketing service later this year in a joint venture with its fellow CUSO CU*Answers. The service, which will carry the CU*Overdrive brand, will be a collaborative effort that combines marketing, consulting, web services, programming, and direct member support from multiple business units of the two CUSOs. Xtends Member Reach and Xtension Call Center business units will spearhead the efforts from an Xtend standpoint, joining forces with the CU*Answers Management Services (CMS) business unit.

According to Xtend President Scott Collins, The goal of CU*OverDrive is to provide a comprehensive annual marketing plan in a can for our credit union partners that leverages the resources we have within our two CUSOs. By helping execute a calendar of professional, full-service marketing campaigns as an extension of the credit union marketing team, we are confident that we can drive member awareness and have a positive impact on credit union profitability. Todays marketplace demands a systematic approach and a variety of channels and that is exactly what CU*Overdrive will provide.

Collins introduced the concept during Xtends recent Annual Stockholders Meeting, including the draft of a marketing calendar that would include a combination of campaigns with savings/thrift, lending, and general industry focus. Campaigns will include consulting, core system configuration, artwork and web content, collaborative printing pricing, and electronic communications with an option to activate inbound/outbound call center support as well.

The CUSO expects to be ready for implementation by the 4th quarter of 2009.

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