CU*Answers Network Services Expands VPN Beta

CU*Answers Network Services, a leading network solutions integrator, announced today it is expanding its VPN beta program for primary data connectivity for CU*Answers’ online clients. The beta program allows credit unions to use a secure VPN over an existing Internet connection to connect back to CU*Answers for CU*BASE® GOLD access.

Using a VPN allows the credit union to leverage a connection they already need to have: one to the Internet, for data connectivity to CU*Answers, thereby potentially lowering costs through elimination of the private MPLS circuit currently required.

“Controlling fixed expenses is critical in these times of razor thin margins,” says David Wordhouse, VP Network Technologies of CU*Answers. “If we can offer a reliable connectivity solution that saves real money then we want to do that. This is just one more example of the CUSO leveraging technology to save our owners money.”

The VPN strategy is currently in beta testing with approximately a dozen credit unions. CU*Answers is seeking additional credit unions to participate in an extended beta program to help finalize support and management processes. During the extended beta, which is expected to run through 9/30/2012, there are no fees for setup or participation. CU*Answers expects to officially launch the service as of 10/01/2012.

For more information or to sign up for the beta, please contact CU*Answers Network Services at 800.327.3478 ext. 266. A briefing on solution is available online at

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