CU*Answers Lender*VP Hits a Home Run

Filer Credit Union has their bases covered!

Filer Credit Union of Manistee, Michigan, recently had the need for management level support and direction for their lending department and found they had to look no further than their core processor for the answer. CU*Answers’ Lender*VP is tailored to support existing loan managers, or even entirely manage a credit union’s lending efforts. Lender*VP delivers a team of experienced lending professionals that will compliment the success of any credit union’s loan department. In Filer’s case, Lender*VP even stepped in to become their credit union’s Lending Vice President!

The Lender*VP team combines decades of proven, on-the-street lending experience, with an intimate knowledge of CU*BASE lending tools. This team ensures that a credit union analyzes what products they may need, helps configure these desired products, gets them quickly off the ground, and drives them to success.

Dave Ohman, CEO of Filer Credit Union says “Lender*VP has been a perfect fit for our Credit Union. They were literally able to immediately transition in with our staff to provide a level of leadership and expertise that we were lacking as a result of staffing changes. A Lender*VP expert literally visits with my team one day weekly and works directly with them for designing new loan product offerings, policies, procedures and marketing strategies. Best of all, as we are utilizing the CU*BASE processing system, they can monitor our on-going efforts right from their corporate location and make recommendations at a moment’s notice. I can’t say enough for the effort and value that Lender*VP has provided to our Credit Union.”

For many credit unions, Lender*VP has reworked the traditional lending landscape with a battery of solutions. Several of these include:

  • Propose and configure a variety of powerful lending products to support a credit union’s loan efforts.
  • Implement, optimize and train a credit union’s staff on new products.
  • Develop policies and procedures for the credit union.
  • Deliver monthly loan reports to the CEO’s desk, addressing the overall success of the lending factory
  • Back a credit union’s outbound loan marketing efforts with call center support.

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