CU*Answers Announces Enhancement to Online Credit Cards

Lender*VP, a division of CU*Answers, announces its latest enhancement to their online credit card program, which allows credit unions to schedule skip-a-pay programs without a fee.

Credit Unions have been dependent on their credit card vendors for years to set up and process skip-a-pay programs for a fee. Many of CU*Answers credit unions offer these programs to their member during the holiday season and summer months. Any of CU*Answers’ credit unions taking advantage of its online credit card services will now be able to schedule their own skip-a-pay programs without a related fee. The enhanced process will allow credit unions to select certain members that “qualify” for the skip-a-pay program based on credit union-defined qualified parameters.

According to CU*Answers, the more than fifty credit unions that use their online credit cards have a competitive advantage over the competition. The new enhancement, combined with monthly cost savings of over 50 percent and 2,996 fee free promotional buckets ensures that credit unions are prepared to handle the needs of all of their members.

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