CU*Answers Announces CU*BASE Enhancements

CU*Answers recently announced its Spring software release to clients utilizing its CU*BASE system. According to CU*Answers, the upgrade included an array of new software features – with a focus upon the teller line. CU*Answers simultaneously announced a series of education events for clients to learn the new features. Many of these new features place an emphasis upon the face-to-face interactions between credit union employees and members. This is a list of several of the features CU*Answers announced with this release:

  • Check Holds Configuration — Tellers now have the ability to calculate outside check holds at the teller line as based upon R&T number, check amount and or Electronic Deposit Holds as automatically determined by CU*BASE.
  • New Teller Screens — Teller screens have been streamlined to reduce the number of screens required for tellers to perform transactions, and to provide additional data as based upon the added “real estate” provided with larger monitors utilized.
  • Auditing Functions Menu MNAUDT — A new menu that compiles all of the CU* BASE auditing functions into one hand location – providing a convenient, one-stop shop for auditors to perform daily activities.
  • Audit Tracker — An automated tool that tracks member activities as related to compliance. The system will automatically add a conversion note to the member’s ongoing Audit Tracker record for each of the following events: OFAC scan, FIDM scan, BSA monitoring or Dormancy related activities.
  • Lending Enhancements — including new loan configuration screens for configuring debt protection (up to 8 separate debt protection codes), loan insurance and miscellaneous coverage, including settings that allow CU*BASE to automatically post insurance premiums on the appropriate date, versus being a separate Operator function.
  • Cross Sales Enhancements — CU*BASE now links Cross Sales tasks to a new member Sales Trackers system. This means clients may record free-form text about their sales interaction with a member, versus using a simple memo code. Staff may even pass sales-related leads to another employee for normal daily member contacts, and work larger-scale marketing and call campaigns for groups of members in using this new tool.
  • Member Personal Banker Enhancements —a one-stop-shop for everything related to self-service tools. CU*BASE now reviews a member’s enrollment status in areas like e-Statements, Bill Pay, and eAlerts. If a member is not enrolled, a pop-up window will appear with a reminder to tell the member about these services. Several additional enhancements to Online Banking were also announced, including the capability to view how long it takes for new members to try online banking for the first time, number of times an online baking password is reset for better analyzing member usage trends, CU*EasyPay! bill payment inactive member reporting and more.

CU*Answers stated that this Release represents one of three major releases performed by CU*Answers annually. The others include a Fall and Year End Release with smaller, monthly updates performed on a regularly scheduled basis as well.

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