CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations Hit the Ground Running

Delivering the first mega-network ASP solution for archiving documents!

At its 2007 Annual Leadership Event, CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations (EDI) announced that as part of its new partnership, a primary goal would be to ensure that every credit union would be able to afford, manage and participate in e-document technology. During the past several months, both e-Receipts and Photo ID capture have been fully integrated into the CU*BASE system. Now e-Documents are within the reach of every client using the CU*BASE processing system.

CU*Answers claims that today, 78 branches with 1,010 terminals are using these EDI tools to capture electronic receipts with signatures and archiving them for later retrieval, and scanning driver’s licenses for later identification of members. Image files are stored electronically with the click of a button.

Data is then encrypted and archived in a remote, secure database housed at the CU*Answers data center. The data is organized and indexed in a variety of ways so that the images can be accessed easily by credit unions employees. Additionally, testing is already underway to include electronic loan forms and other account related documents through CU*BASE and EDI tools.

As part of the CU*Answers/ EDI shared investment for the ASP solution, the up-front cost for clients to implement this solution is extremely minimal as compared to an in-house, self-managed solution. CU*BASE clients are only responsible for purchasing required hardware, a one-time installation fee, and travel expenses for the installation. The ASP model also eliminates the day-to-day management and operational costs for maintaining a server environment normally associated with implementing this technology.

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