With a proven track record, the Collections team, a Lender*VP division, increased its client base again recently. “In addition to this growth, we see imminent opportunities for a new client base”, noted AVP Jerry Collins. “We added our first predominantly online and startup credit union to our family. We see this as an opportunity for a wide range of new clients and the ability to expand our knowledge base.”

The CU*Answers Collections team offers a unique approach to the collections business and does not fit the stereotypically mold. The team is integrated with CU*BASE with customizable options for credit unions that can be deployed easily.

The Lender*VP Collections team serves as a partner for collections for many of the nearly 320 clients using CU*BASE® across the country. “Some credit unions are permanent fixtures who have years of partnerships with us while others prefer a ‘repair and return’ policy. In either case Lender*VP Collections is there to support the clients of this 100% credit union owned cooperative CUSO. With the signing of this new client, it brings the total active clients to twenty-four,” noted Jerry Collins the Assistant Vice President of Contact Center Operations.

“During their due diligence, the credit union learned how Lender*VP Collections works with the credit union and within their policies instead of taking over and running things as they choose. They saw the benefit in choosing a professional and established organization that operates as an extension of the credit union with many customizable choices and not the stereotypical third party,” continued Mr. Collins.

For more information on Lender*VP Collections, visit the CU*Answers website.