CU*Answers completes disaster recovery test of

CU*Answers is pleased to announce it has successfully completed disaster recovery testing of the member online banking application on Wednesday, September 9. During the test, the web and mobile applications were moved to a CU*Answers’ backup data center and live traffic was served from this location for the 3-hour duration of the test in […]

CU*Answers to perform high availability recovery test

CU*Answers, the cooperative data processor, announced during the month of September, they will be performing multiple rollovers including CU*BASE® GOLD core data processing system and online/mobile banking suites.  These exercises allow CU*Answers to test the performance and durability of its Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption plan with all core processing clients. The cooperative performs these […]

CU*Answers planning for an OAuth launch in 2021

Cooperative CUSO CU*Answers is planning to deploy OAuth in 2021 to support integration between Intuit (Quicken) and CU*Answers’ business online banking solution, It’s My Biz 247. CU*Answers CEO Randy Karnes said, “Credit unions want to let vendors in, and vendors do not want to fiddle with the details of user sign-ons, security questions, and passwords. […]

CU*Answers credit unions will be able to manage their own mobile app features

The CU*Answers Mobile Technologies Group will be offering credit unions access to CU Publisher to maintain their mobile app content, including advertisements, button links, branch information, and much more. Credit unions currently have access to the Request Center, working data from their secure online forms. In the 2021 business year, credit unions will have access […]

CU*Answers Mobile Technologies Group uses Experian Precise ID verification for electronic membership opening

As part of the electronic Membership Application/Opening Product offering in CU*Answers online and mobile banking, Experian’s Precise ID® is embedded as a knowledge-based tool for identity authentication and fraud prevention. Last year in the U.S., more than 13 million individuals, roughly 1 in 25 people, were victimized by fraud. Experian’s Precise ID keeps the bad […]

CU*Answers evaluating expanded ID verification technology

CU*Answers is evaluating the use of ID verification technology provided by DAON’s IdentityX platform, to enable a member to digitally verify their identity by uploading pictures of an identity document (driver’s license, passport, state ID, etc.) and a photo of themselves. This technology could be used in a variety of different products ranging from online […]

CU*Answers scaling up and out for their MACO authentication

Adoption of CU*Answers’ Multiple Authentication Convenience Options (MACO) mobile banking authentication product has been remarkable, and the increased number of users across client credit unions has pushed the existing environment to the edge of capacity. Through MACO, credit unions can offer up to four additional authentication options to the mobile app beyond traditional username and […]

CU*Answers Network Services seeing dividends from paid internship program

CU*Answers Network Services, a division of cooperative CUSO CU*Answers, continues its successful paid internship program. The experience benefits individuals looking to test the waters of a technology career and the CUSO’s Client Support and Operations team. Interns configure client workstations, core product update devices, and assist with daily processes, communication, and organization of the lab. […]

Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union signs core data processing contract with CU*Answers

CU*Answers announced that South Carolina-based Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union recently executed a contract to change its existing core data processing platform to the CU*Answers CU*BASE® system, the CUSO’s flagship solution. Over 6,800 Greenwood Municipal FCU members will be converted in November 2021. Greenwood Municipal FCU CEO Phil Heinlen said: “Greenwood Municipal decided as a […]

CU*Answers previews new prototype designs for CU*BASE Xpress Teller

CU*Answers today posted samples of prototype designs for its new Xpress Teller processing platform, in development now and scheduled to release in the spring of 2021. Created as an alternative to the CUSO’s full-featured CU*BASE® teller line posting tool, Xpress Teller is a result of the CUSO’s “Teller 3P” initiative which envisions three distinct teller […]