Xtension Call Center Adds Outbound Member Calls!

The Xtend CUSO recently announced that its Xtension Call Center was maintaining its steady growth of credit union clients and had recently added several new services for better serving members. These services included handling various inbound member calls as well as outbound calls via the Member Reach Plus service. Xtend says this Member Reach Plus offering represents an expansion of its proven Member Reach service, which contacts members at key points during their credit union relationship. Xtend claims that since 2006, Member Reach had delivered over 1 million messages electronically to members, triggered by a series of pre-defined events such as loans reaching maturing, new memberships and more. Xtend explained that since certain members prefer not to interact with the credit union via Online Banking and e-statement tools that it’s Member Reach Plus service is the perfect complement. Adding outbound calls to its menu of member contact services helps to ensure that no member gets left behind. This outbound call service is intended to work hand-in-hand with Member Reach as another delivery channel for outbound member contact, by simply being there at just the right time for its members. Xtend says that as the Member Reach products grow in number, it should provide a steady stream of outbound member contact activity for its Xtension Call Center on behalf of Member Reach participants.

Xtend says several reports summarizing calls and pertinent statistics to help leadership teams gauge the effectiveness of these member contacts are included as standard. They also stated that their Xtension Call Center provides the ability to free up a great deal of credit union staff time, and provides a service for which most credit unions would normally hire several staff to maintain. The Xtension Call Center currently manages approximately 1,400 outbound calls and 1,500 inbound calls per month.

Xtend concluded by saying that for credit unions utilizing the CU*BASE processing system, every member contact is logged into CU*BASE through its extensive Sales Tracker cross sales/ telemarketing tools and credit unions may easily track all Xtension agent activity side by side that of credit union staff.

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