Xtension Aids Indiana DP Conversion

Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, was contracted by Indianapolis-based NorthPark Community Credit Union ($55M assets, 6,700 members) to provide call center services in conjunction with the credit union’s core data processing conversion project.  NPCCU completed a conversion to CU*BASE, the flagship solution from CU*Answers, Inc., on October 30th.  During the two weeks following the core conversion, Xtend provided inbound member service support for NPCCU members from its corporate call center in Grand Rapids.

Julie Gessner, Manager of Communication Services for Xtend says, “We worked closely with the NPCCU staff during the weeks leading up to the conversion and began fielding member calls that Monday morning while the credit union was going through the final validation process.  Both teams were well prepared, and we were extremely pleased with the project overall.  One of the key success factors was NPCCU contracting our agents to make outbound calls to members during the week leading up to conversion.  Our experience has been that credit unions who ask us to make pre-conversion courtesy calls have lower call volumes after the fact, and this project was no different.  Members are generally very appreciative that their credit union took the time to call.”

Gessner noted that the NPCCU was the eighth (8th) credit union to contract the CUSO call center for conversion support during the 2010 calendar year.