Xtend Kicks Into CU*OverDrive

Xtend, Inc., a multi-owned cooperative CUSO headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced that it has begun to take orders for the new CU*OverDrive marketing service which was announced this past summer. The CU*OverDrive brand is a collaborative effort that combines marketing, consulting, web services, programming, and direct member support from multiple business units of Xtend and fellow CUSO CU*Answers, Inc. Xtend’s Member Reach and Xtension Call Center business units will spearhead the delivery efforts from an Xtend standpoint while working closely with the Management Services and Web Services business units at CU*Answers.

According to Xtend President Scott Collins, “The goal of CU*OverDrive is to provide a comprehensive annual ‘marketing plan in a can’ for our credit union partners that leverages the resources we have within our two CUSOs. We worked with a focus group of our credit union partners to develop twelve monthly campaigns covering product and services sets that include multiple lending products, savings/thrift, new member marketing, identity security, and general member awareness topics. We think this serves as a perfect complement to our partners’ current marketing plan because it fills in the gaps around their existing marketing plans. It keeps the momentum going for the entire year and frees up their staff to focus on the big projects.”

Campaigns will include consulting, core system configuration, artwork and web content, collaborative printing pricing, and electronic communications along with an option to activate inbound/outbound call center support from the Xtension Call Center. Collins reports that in just the first week, nine credit unions have signed up to include CU*OverDrive in their 2010 marketing plans.

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