Xtend Assists with Liquidation Transition

Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned CUSO, has been contracted by Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (AUFCU) to help provide uninterrupted service following the liquidation of one of its credit union partners.  On October 29th, the NCUA was appointed liquidating agent of Spokane, WA-based The Union Credit Union (TUCU) and immediately worked with AUFCU and Numerica Credit Union to purchase and assume certain assets and liabilities of TUCU.  AUFCU contracted Xtend to provide operational support services to help ensure effective member service and back office operations during the transition.  The CUSO was contracted by AUFCU to provide call center, bookkeeping and compliance monitoring services.

“It’s never easy to find out that one of your industry partners is being liquidated,” Xtend President Scott Collins laments.  “I had a melancholy feeling when the call came from AUFCU and Numerica asking for our help communicating with members and assisting with the back office transition, and I was quick to commit the team to help make the best of a bad situation for the members.  We held a call center staff meeting the evening of the 29th and the phones started ringing the next day.  Since our back office teams were already working with the credit union prior to the 29th, it was business as usual for them on Monday morning.”  Collins continues, “My hat is off to the teams at both AUFCU and Numerica on their professionalism and overall management of the transition, and I commend our team as well for their execution under very difficult circumstances.”

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