WV United Goes Paperless with eDOC

eDOC Innovations has recently announced the transition of WV United to eDOC’s paperless solutions.

The integration to eDOC’s products followed the credit union’s discovery of the cuasterisk.com network, which is a collaborative of CUSOs.   eDOC Innovations is one of the CUSOs that collaborates in the network, providing imaging, document management, Check21 and Remote Deposit Capture strategies for sustainable paperless processes to over 400 credit unions nationwide.

According to Linda Bodie, CEO of the credit union, WV United is enthused with the outcome to their recent implementation of eDOC’s paperless solutions.  “eDOC offers an awesome solution for our e-Strategy,” she remarks.  “We are looking forward to providing a vast array of e-Documents to our team and our members, so they will finally have access to all the important stuff without any interaction from a support person,” she continues.

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