WESCO Net Provides Remote Solutions for CUs

WESCO Net, a Grand Rapids, MI based leader in network integration, security, and managed technology solutions, now has a full suite of products and services for enabling the enterprise remote workforce.  A recent survey released by Interactive Intelligence and performed by independent research firm Vanson Bourne revealed that 50% of enterprises encourage “flexible and remote working” in order to recognize higher productivity, attract and retain well qualified employees, reduce office costs, and offer more responsive customer services.

WESCO Net’s new line of Remote Workforce products and services combines leading edge, secure technology to extend the credit union’s network footprint beyond the physical walls of the branch to literally anywhere.  WESCO Net’s solutions leverage ubiquitous and readily available services like WiFi, broadband, and 3G/4G cellular services layered with fully integrated contact center applications plus secure web-based services delivered via a cloud and/or on-premise equipment at the branch to allow member service reps, loan officers, and executives complete and secure access to all their member servicing tools.

“These services have the potential to rewrite existing member service models,” explains Dave Wordhouse, VP Network Technologies.  “Traditional models involve self service via web and voice response channels and brick and mortar via the branch.  With Remote Workforce, we’re now providing the tools to let credit unions service their members anywhere the member may be.  These are the tools that will let credit union executives start exploring new service models and opportunities leveraged for growth.”

WESCO Net’s Remote Workforce solutions are custom tailored to meet the requirements and budget of the credit union and work is currently underway to optionally deliver every component of Remote Workforce via WESCO Net’s cloud computing infrastructure.

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