WESCO Net Launching New Data Center

WESCO Net, a Grand Rapids, MI-based leader in network integration, managed hosting, and web hosting services is opening a new data center in Muskegon, MI to expand capacity and introduce new high availability and business continuity services to its customers.

The new facility has been designed using modular technology which allows WESCO Net to bring on additional capacity as needed to meet demands. For instance, additional power continuance and room cooling components can be bolted on as facility usage increases. The facility also makes extensive use of green technology to reduce power consumption. Ducted equipment cabinets recycle the hot exhaust air from equipment into the building’s central HVAC system, Energy Smart power supplies are used wherever possible, and on-demand computing capacity ensures that when equipment is not needed it is powered  down or brought into a sleep state.

“This center will allow us to offer geographically distinct high availability and business continuity services to our customers at an aggressive price point,” says Dave Wordhouse, VP of Network Technologies. “We live in an always-on world where applications are simply supposed to be on all the time. It’s become a pretty simple task for business managers to calculate the cost of downtime down to the minute. This facility will be able to accommodate highly available and backup systems to help ensure our customer’s applications are always on.”

The new facility will be rolled into WESCO Net’s SAS 70 Level II facility certification program. It is scheduled to officially open in May of this year. This will be WESCO Net’s third data center joining others in Kentwood, MI and Grand Rapids, MI.

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