Video Released Promoting Credit Union Convenience

CU*Answers, a West Michigan-based core data processor for credit unions, recently unveiled its newest video, titled “Your Credit Union is Everywhere.”  The concept for the video was based on the winning entry for the CUSO’s 3rd Annual Video Contest, provided by Farrah Star of Service 1 FCU, in Muskegon MI.

The video promotes the convenience of credit union self-service products such as online and mobile banking using an actor wearing a bright green shirt with the words ‘CREDIT UNION’ on the front.  Following a family through daily activities, their ‘CREDIT UNION’ is ready to assist in everything from handing over a debit card to pay for purchases, showing account balance inquiries on a mobile phone over breakfast, even sitting in bed with mom and dad ready to shake his head in disagreement when dad ponders “I wonder if we can afford this?”   Seeming almost ridiculous at first, this well-produced video uses just enough tongue-in-cheek humor to clearly deliver a message and be entertaining.

According to CU*Answers, the video premiered during the CUSO’s 19th Annual Leadership Event held at the Frederik Meijer Sculpture and Botanical Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.  Previous videos produced from this contest include last year’s “My Credit Union: Realized Dreams Start Here”, and the inaugural “The Owner’s are Coming,” from 2008.   All videos were produced by Grand Rapids-based Fulvew Productions.  Fulvew offers customizing and licensing of these videos to members of the CU*Answers network with Credit Union logo and information, providing a great attention-grabber for interactive websites and lobby kiosks.

CU*Answers and Fulvew did a “great job of interpreting and creating a video from the concept provided in the contest entry,” according to Farrah and the staff at Service 1 FCU, who received a check for $1,500 for the winning submission.

You can see the winning contest entry video and others from CU*Answers at

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