“Unlock the Date” Now Available with CU*BASE

CU*Answers has recently announced a new feature to automate what some refer to as “back-dating” or “effective-dating”.  This new option allows users to “unlock” and enter a prior date, with CU*BASE automatically processing any necessary adjustments to dividends, interest, dates on printed forms, etc.

According to the Grand Rapids-based provider of services for credit unions, an on-going focus has been to simplify account adjustment features, which can be a very complicated manual process.

With the 10.3 release of CU*BASE a brand-new feature called ‘Effective-Dated Account Transfers has been included.  This feature provides the ability to unlock the previously posted date and enter a past effective date, move money from one account to another, and have the system subsequently calculate and post appropriate adjustments to dividends or interest.  CU*Answers said it has also made significant enhancements to the existing Effective-Dated Account Adjustments feature.

For more information on this project and other enhancements in the works, visit the Software Release Planning page at www.cuanswers.com/client_release_planning.php.

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