TBA Credit Union Goes Mobile-Ready

TBA recently announced that the credit union has launched a redesigned version of its website.  The new mobile-ready website provides a natural lead into It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking, being provided free by the credit union’s data processor, CU*Answers.

TBA credit union is one of many credit unions that have opted for website redesign with the recent release of new mobile banking options.  According to the Web Services team at CU*Answers, mobile optimized sites are geared towards showing a subset of information that is important to a mobile user, by being bandwidth conscious, since mobile devices are not broadband enabled.  Offering a mobile website that focuses on significant details important to ‘on-the-go’ users shows that you appreciate their time and business.

To view TBA Credit Unions new website, use a mobile device to access http://www.tbacu.com/.

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