Remember This? CU*Answers Reaches Out to Its Clients

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned core data processor, recently published the latest version of its publication to credit unions, Remember This? The educational series provides clients with a look back at existing features on the core platform CU*BASE®, or from any of the many other services provided by the CUSO. In a fast paced industry, credit unions can occasionally miss that tool or feature that could streamline operations or improve member experience; CU*Answers wants to make sure that not only are it its credit unions getting the newest technology, but that they are also taking advantage of the tools in their hands today.

In the December edition, the series recounts the Member in Good Standing function available to credit union staff in CU*BASE. The feature allows credit unions to go beyond simple deposit hold configurations to reward members that are active participants in the credit union. By enabling Member in Good Standing, credit unions can set up special deposit hold groups for members that have had an open account for longer than 5 years or have an aggregate balance in savings of loans beyond the designated amount, for example.

CU*Answers added that this function operates in conjunction with its robust and integrated Tiered Services functionality, which allows the credit union to provide tiered benefits for members based on their qualified level. The CUSO concluded that both features are included at no extra charge to its credit union clients.