Owners speak, CU*Answers listens

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union owned CUSO, announced that their owners have been asking for a simple and easy workflow for verifying member’s photo IDs. “They asked and we listened,” said CU*Answers eDocument strategies team manager John Beauchamp. “With the 12.2 CU*BASE release, tellers can now capture a photo ID for a member with just a couple mouse clicks. They can just as easily view the stored member’s photo ID with a single click of the mouse!” Beauchamp went on to say.

The end result for CU*Answers owners is an easier workflow that leads to better security for the member and the credit union. This improvement is a direct result of collaboration between CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations, their partner CUSO. eDOC Innovations a leader in document imaging provides the ProDOC™ software that works with CU*Answers CU*BASE® software to make this all possible.