On-Demand Requests Yield New CUSO Service

In response to a growing number of requests from its credit union clients, Xtend, Inc. a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, announced that it was formalizing its popular on-demand bookkeeping and call center assistance into a new Stand-In Services solution for credit unions using the CU*BASE core data processing suite from CU*Answers, Inc.

Xtend President Scott Collins noted that requests for the CUSO to provide short-term and emergency stand-in services during the past year “made it clear that we had an obligation to help our credit union partners more proactively plan for temporary assistance in their front and back offices.”  Collins continued, “This past year was really a case of good news – bad news.  The bad news came in the form of blizzards, earthquakes, power outages and even a robbery.  The good news was that these events were isolated and sporadic enough that we had enough scale in our bookkeeping and call center support teams to step in immediately while still meeting the needs of our everyday clients. But since we are part of a credit union network that is growing every year, it was imperative that we implement a more formalized strategy for stand-in services.”

Xtend now offers stand-in bookkeeping and call center contracts where credit unions pay a small monthly retainer and then usage fees when the service(s) are activated.  “Whether it’s a planned need for staff meetings or holidays or unplanned due to a weather anomaly, this new strategy ensures that we will have the ability to answer the call when they need us,” concludes Collins.