New Web Chat Partner Selected

Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, announced earlier this week that it will deploy the LIVECHAT Contact Center solution from European developer LIVECHAT Software for its web chat proof-of-concept project.  During the selection process, Xtend evaluated several In-house and ASP chat solutions before deciding to move forward with the LIVECHAT enterprise solution.  The CUSO plans to quickly deploy the LIVECHAT application to support its B2B (business-to-business) service offerings, while at the same time working with its core data processing partner, CU*Answers – to integrate LIVECHAT into an authenticated home banking B2C (business-to-consumer) solution.

According to Xtend President Scott Collins, selecting the right partner proved more challenging than expected.  “We have been providing B2B chat services for nearly a year, but we knew that providing B2C support, especially in an authenticated and secure environment like home banking, would require us to partner with an industry expert.  Our preference was to select an enterprise solution, but most of the recognized industry players were an ASP deployment.  In fact, when we first looked at LIVECHAT it did not have an enterprise solution either.  By the time we re-engaged with them this past fall, their enterprise solution was already deployed in several European financial institutions.  Over the next few months, our web services and home banking partners over at CU*Answers will put the LIVECHAT software and support team to the test so that we can move forward with confidence.”

Collins noted that several credit union clients were anxious to participate in the beta testing of the new web chat service and that the CUSO planned to be ready by spring or early summer.

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