New CU*BASE Features Streamline Member Verification

CU*Answers continues to make it easier for credit union staff to perform due diligence in member verification.  With its recent 10.0 CU*BASE Software Upgrade, a new Photo ID Indicator will tell credit union staff whether a member has a photo ID on file while servicing the member.  Additionally, to help emphasize the importance for staff to pause when the Verify Member and Comments screen appears, the label used to exit the window has been changed from “Backup” to now read “Verified Member.”

According to CU*Answers, when activated, the indicator turns the Verify ID button from a red button that says “No ID on File” to a blue button that says “Verify My ID.”  The placement of this colorful button is in the top right of the screen to the left panel and will assist staff since that is where the eye naturally looks when viewing a screen.  The CUSO continues to state that to assist employees with remembering to check the new box when opening or updating a membership, a reminder message can be added into the workflow prompting them to collect a photo ID and check the box.

The new Verified Member designation is also reinforced with a reminder tip at the bottom of the window that pressing enter confirms verification of member identity and comments.  The Comments window, accessed before entering Phone Operator and Inquiry, has also been streamlined for a cleaner look, which allows for more comments.

For more information on these new features, or to view the last 10+ years of CU*BASE Software Upgrades, access:

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