“My Credit Union is Everywhere” is a Hit in Arkansas

CU*Answers, the West Michigan-based cooperative CUSO, recently announced that the Arkansas Credit Union League had adopted the use of their “My Credit Union is Everywhere” video for their statewide cooperative advertising campaign.

Since the early 1990’s, credit unions throughout Arkansas have contributed to a cooperative advertising fund designed to increase overall credit union awareness among Arkansans and to increase the ratio of credit union members to nonmembers in Arkansas. This fund is managed by a group of Arkansas credit union CEOs and marketers appointed by the Arkansas Credit Union League Board of Directors.  In addition to managing the advertising dollars, the committee is charged with developing and promoting a “brand” that can be recognized and embraced by all the credit unions in the state.

A nationwide search for a 2011/2012 advertising concept lead the committee to CU*Answer’s Everywhere commercial.

Your credit union is everywhere.


Working with Fulvew Productions in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Everywhere commercial has been adapted for a 60-second television commercial, a 30-second radio spot and a billboard featuring the “green shirt” guy.  Fulvew has placed the TV ads, radio ads and billboards for statewide exposure.

The campaign has also gone “viral” with a YouTube link and postings to Facebook.  Credit unions were urged to link the commercial on their home page, and green “credit union” shirts, just like the guy wears in the commercial, were printed for employees of all the participating credit unions.

Credit Union ShirtsCredit union employees wear the green shirts the last Friday of each month and while performing community service in their respective communities.  They are urged to take a picture while volunteering and wearing the shirts, and then they e-mail the community service photos to the league office for a monthly $25 prize drawing.

The advertising committee has also put on “idea forums” for the credit union chapters around the state.  At these forums, the Everywhere commercial is shown, and then ideas are exchanged on how to bring the message of the commercial, and the green shirt guy, to the local credit union and its community.

Blood DriveCredit unions are urged to take a photo of their employees in the green shirts doing community service.  Then they write a press release about the community service activity and send the photo and press release to the local newspapers.

The Everywhere concept has generated the most grassroots participation by credit unions – more than any other campaign used in Arkansas.  The message of your credit union is Everywhere highlights that credit unions are indeed everywhere and are closely tied to members’ lives. “Whether by card, phone

The 1:50 long video spot was collaborated upon by CU*Answers and Fulvew Productions, and is just one example of the numerous videos the two organizations have created. CU*Answers added that the videos are available to any credit union or organization and can be customized to include the credit union’s logo. The Arkansas Credit Union League recently took advantage of the offering and has used the video to launch a whole series of marketing efforts in the state. To get more information or to view the entire video collection visit http://cuatv.com/.