Martin FCU Signs with eDOC for ProDOC Packages™

Martin Federal Credit Union, based in Orlando, Florida will be introducing eDOCSignature® for online remote signing of new account and loan documents to its members. The capability is made possible by eDOC Innovations ProDOC Packages™ module. The application allows the credit union to better manage the workflow of their lending procedures, and other multi-step transaction processes at the credit union through an integrated eSign signature function.

“We are very excited to implement the new module. Relative to every advancement in our eDOC solutions, our paperless strategy becomes more clean, efficient, and exciting!” says Stephen Broadbent, AVP of IT at Martin FCU.

ProDOC Packages™ offers an easy way to organize your transaction documents into an electronic ‘manila folder’ and provides an easy checklist to ensure all documents are included and/or completed prior to delivery or storage. Its quick search filters, form auto population intelligence, stackable data tabs and dashboard organization, make ProDOC Packages™ an intuitive workflow solution.