Lakeview Credit Union Joins eDOC CUSO

Lakeview Credit Union, based in Neenah, Wisconsin, has recently joined the eDOC CUSO, becoming the 14th credit union owner in the CUSO. Both firms are excited to see the industry collaboration expand from being a long-term partnership to a driver for innovation as an owner.

Pat Lowney, CEO of Lakeview Credit Union said it was easy to make the decision to become an owner of eDOC Innovations, “What a better way to protect our investment in technology and drive it further to help our staff and members. Focused on Credit Unions the eDOC Innovations CUSO has a unique and profitable edge over other solutions in this space and we want to be a part of it. I asked my staff to go through the same analysis as if we were going to make a loan to eDOC. They came back with a resounding yes! This is a long term investment. We look forward to dividends exceeding other investment options by making this investment in eDOC Innovations,” comments Lowney.

Lakeview continues to expand their eDOC strategy and has recently implemented ProDOC Forms™ enabling the paperless process of documents. Lakeview is currently utilizing 2020DOC™ and ProDOC Receipts™ for their current e-document management workflow.