It’s Me 247 Online Banking Enhancements

West Michigan-based CUSO, CU*Answers announces a series of enhancements to its Online Banking Platform, It’s Me 247.

This feature-rich upgrade includes:

  • Members will now be able to see their Pending ACH Transactions Online! This will benefit the member by allowing them to better manage their money and anticipate incoming funds, while also reducing the number of calls received by the credit union verifying incoming payroll deposits.
  • Members Can Enter a Secondary Transaction Description. When members are making an online transfer, they will have the option to click on “Enter optional transfer description”. These memos will help ensure a member that moving money is described the way they want it, and in general keep better track of why they moved it.
  • More Options for Online CD Products. Credit unions will now be able to offer 3 renewal options for online certificate products: Check, auto-renew, and a new third option which allows a certificate to transfer to another account upon maturity. In addition, if online certificate products are configured to pay dividends via a transfer to another account, It’s Me 247 will now let the member choose the account to which dividends will be paid (rather than assuming the base share).
  • View Dividend Details for Closed Accounts. Now the Dividends/Interest screen in It’s Me 247 is easier to understand—members can now view the dividends and interest of the accounts they closed last year, in addition to their current accounts. This feature will be useful to members when gathering information during tax season.

For a more detailed description of any of these enhancements, or to view a complete list of previous releases, please visit:

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