Go Green Inside-out with Paper Conversion

eDOC Innovations, a leading e-document management and strategic collaboration CUSO, announces its new paper conversion service. As credit unions ‘go green’ they are faced with the formidable task of managing their old paper based operations. eDOC offers a complete paper conversion service that reduces the cost, time and energy for credit unions to go paperless in their operations.

“As credit unions ‘go green’ one challenge they all have is converting their previous internal paper base into secure electronic documents.” remarks Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC Innovations. “eDOC now offers a complete paper conversion service, that reduces the strain of a self-conducted paper conversion, and enables credit unions to focus on running their business. As credit unions ‘go green’ inside their operations they recognize greater ROI on their eDocument strategy.  Credit unions don’t realize how disruptive that process is or the relative costs for doing it.  Leveraging the CUSO is logic, cost effective and simple way to make the transition.”

Progressive Credit Union, a $344 million dollar CU in New York, NY, is utilizing eDOC’s paper conversion service to convert ninety years worth of paper operations. “Leveraging eDOC‘s paper conversion service reduced our projected internal costs by 38%. That translated to thousands of dollars in cost savings, not to mention convenience.” States Charles Rogers, COO at Progressive CU. “eDOC Innovations is the Go Paperless expert. We used them so we could focus on being a Credit Union.”

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