Glacier Hills Upgrades to eDOC’s DocLogic Solution

eDOC Innovations recently announced that Glacier Hills Credit Union of West Bend, WI has upgraded its e-Document strategy to eDOC Innovations’ DocLogic in-house system.

Dennis Degenhardt, President/CEO of Glacier Hills noted, “After using the SaaS eReceipts processes for a number of years it was time to expand our strategy to the in-house system.”  Degenhardt continued, “It was time to take the next step from being paperless with receipts to being paperless throughout the credit union. The DocLogic platform allowed us to do it, demonstrating that loan form processes and other business processes can be automated to the point where we will have very little need to scan documents.”

According to the eDOC CUSO, Glacier Hills started with the SaaS platform as a step to implementing an initial strategy, and then expanded that strategy into an in-house solution, which was their desired path to complete their vision of their e-Document strategy. Degenhardt stated, “You have to start somewhere and once you have adjusted to a paperless environment then you can take the next step and that’s what we did…we’re excited to see what’s next and what we can do with eDOC and our collaboration together.  As we look down the road we see delivering more information to our members and developing additional revenue opportunities, which we feel are key to our eDocument strategy, and eDOC’s solutions allow us that leverage point and will make us effective and efficient in our innovation.”

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