eDOC Services Exceed Expectations

Recently, Martin Federal Credit Union, located out of Orlando, FL, migrated from Summit to Symitar for data processing services. The eDOC Innovations team was there to help with the conversion, and their assistance proved to be invaluable.

According to Stephen Broadbent, Information Technology Specialist at Martin FCU, “The assistance we received from the eDOC team was fantastic. Their efforts enabled us to focus on other aspects of the conversion, allowing us to have a smooth transition. We could not have done it without them.” He continued by saying the highly recommends clients going through a change in data processors to utilize services provided by eDOC Innovations during a conversion.

Mark Fierro, Manager of Installations at eDOC says, “It is always a pleasure to have positive feedback from our clients. It also demonstrates the value of our professional services when we are contracted to be onsite for these engagements.”

“A credit union’s e-document strategy is one that must be able to span across changes in core processing strategies. We are committed to ensuring our credit union owners and peers have complete support in any system change they experience,” comments Bret Weekes, President and CEO at eDOC Innovations. “We see more and more credit unions recognize that having a nimble e-document strategy protects the interests of the credit union and ensures ownership of critical and irreplaceable documents. These are documents that a credit union has to have access to, even after a change core processing providers — it isn’t a situation the credit union can just change a relationship and start over,” continues Weekes.

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