eDOC Innovations Announces Peer Conference

eDOC Innovations (EDI), the nation’s leading CUSO for e-document strategies, announced that it will hold a Peer Conference on June 15th in Grand Rapids, MI. Traditionally, EDI has hosted the annual Executive Advisory Council (EAC) meeting as part of their product planning and client communications programs. Starting in 2009 the EAC will be discontinued and replaced with an annual Peer Conference for eDOC Innovations. Clients, partners and CUSO owners are encouraged to attend.

“In the last couple of years eDOC Innovations has made so many positive changes that we have necessarily had to progress beyond some of our old ways. The EAC served us well as we went through these transitions by allowing our clients to voice their concerns and requests. So, although we will discontinue the EAC, the collaborative format is something we will not leave behind,” explains Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations. “The Peer Conference will open our CUSO to many more peers in the industry seeking input into the nation’s leading strategic edocument solutions. We are opening it up to our clients, our owners, and our partners so that we can all collaborate together and succeed in the times ahead.”

Since collaboration is the primary purpose of the meeting, eDOC Innovations has scheduled the event to take place in conjunction with the annual CU*Answers Leadership Week. The intended result is to provide an economic and efficient means whereby long term EDI clients, new EDI owners and national leaders can share valuable dialogue that influences how the industry works. Topics of interest will be industry environment and the technology, features and tools that make eDOC management software the way to 1) increase valuable member services, 2) increase the management team’s ability control the CU’s data, 3) reduce costs and gain expertise, and ultimately, 4) grow membership numbers to secure the organization’s competitive future.

The Peer Conference will be held:
When: June 15, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: eDOC Innovations’, 6000 28th St. SE, Suite 100, Grand Rapids, MI, or by webcast
Access: In person or via web broadcast

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