eDOC Breaks the Rules – Again!

As the nation’s only e-document management CUSO, eDOC Innovations (EDI) receives candid feedback from clients since many are owners too. This week feedback comes from John Belanger, Director of Technology at CorePlus Federal Credit Union in Norwich, Connecticut.
CorePlus purchased the DocLOGIC Suite of paperless products from EDI in 2008 and utilizes the CUAnswers core processing solution.

“eDOC has broken the rules! There is a rule that every IT person has come to accept: we can only have 2 of the three most important features when we buy software- Security, Affordability, or Usability”, states Mr. Belanger. “We have been trained by experience with vendors that you can not have all three. But with eDOC, I have found that the rule has been broken. I am able to have superior security, exceptional ease of use, and amazing affordability.”

He continues, “I have researched solutions for 5 years and have looked into everything including stand alone hardware with proprietary software. When I found something very secure it lacked ease of use by requiring constant manual input. Likewise, the software solutions for imaging that we found that were easy to use, lacked security that we required. When we could find solutions that met our security standards as well as our usability requirements, it was so expensive we couldn’t consider it. The eDOC solution strikes the correct balance. I fell in love with it because of its security and still love it because of how easy to use it is.”

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