eDOC Announces Educational Opportunities For 2009-2010

eDOC Innovations (EDI) announced they have published their educational opportunities for 2009-2010, which are available free of charge to all eDOC peers. As promised at their peer group meeting in June 2009, eDOC has scheduled at least one educational webinar every month. The syllabi for these opportunities are available via the eDOC website. Advanced topics for peer administrators are soon to follow.

“Education is learning what you did not even know you did not know. At eDOC Innovations we are in business to show you what can be and how to accomplish it. We are at the beginning of our annual education opportunity cycle, and are very excited with the results we have seen thus far. Our goal in all the educational opportunities we offer at eDOC is to provide our clients with an enhanced vision of the possibilities available through a coherent e-Document strategy,” Stated Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC Innovations.

eDOCs third educational webinar will be held on September 16th, in which eDOC professionals will discuss their Check21 platform, the CheckLogic™ suite. Past webinars have included a basic 2020DOC User Training and DR Considerations for an In-house e-document strategy.

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