CUSOs Team Up to Offer Free Calls

Xtend, Inc. and its fellow Grand Rapids, Michigan-based CUSO partner CU*Answers, have partnered together to offer credit union clients of the network participants 500 free calls each.  This the second year in a row that Xtend and CU*Answers have invested CUSO resources to help drive product awareness and member service initiatives on behalf of their credit unions at no charge.  As of today, sixty-four (64) credit unions had signed up for one of the twenty outbound call campaign offerings ranging from member surveys to special lending promotions.

According to Xtend President Scott Collins, “Network response to this year’s offering has been refreshing.  The projects that we completed during this past year, namely the Reg. E Opt-In push and a significant number of campaigns to spur lending activity for our partners, have helped the credit unions in our network embrace the idea that outbound member communication is a critical factor in their success.”  Collins also credited an increased level of marketing activity for the CUSO during 2010 for raising the network’s awareness of the Xtension Call Center as a trusted partner with a track record of successful results.  “The CU*BASE core data processing system gives each of these credit unions a wealth of data at their fingertips.  Our job is to mine that data and have our professional team of agents reach out to members based on the individual goals of each institution.  Member response has been great, and I expect that the 32,000 calls we will be making in the next several months for these partners will be a catalyst for each.”