CUSOs Roll Out New Delivery Channel

Two Grand Rapids, Michigan-based CUSOs – Xtend, Inc. and CU*Answers, Inc. – have jointly released a new solution to help drive loan activity for their collective credit union clients.  By combining the CU*Answers Retailer Direct loan origination tool with Xtend’s call center resources the CUSOs have created a seamless solution to help increase the number of loan leads that get delivered to the credit unions’ lending pipeline.

“When our Xtension Call center needed a streamlined solution to get loan leads into our clients’ lending factories, we reached out to our partners at CU*Answers,” said Xtend President Scott Collins.  “Although we were familiar with Retailer Direct as a front-end solution for non-traditional indirect partners like landscaping companies and furniture stores, it wasn’t until the two teams sat down to design a more effective way for my agents to deliver loan leads to our clients that we connected the dots.  From the time that their Web Services and Lender*VP teams first suggested a Retailer Direct backbone to our first proof-of-concept was only a few weeks.  The tool is easy to use and can be easily tailored based on the level of service our agents provide.  We could not be happier about how CU*Answers stepped up to the plate to make this a reality for us.”

Collins believes that this new solution will be a catalyst for more credit unions to utilize the Xtension Call Center as both an outbound and inbound partner.  He continues, “Our number one goal is to help drive more lending activity for our credit unions, and do so at a price point that is hard to ignore.  We are confident this new tool will help us do both.”