CUSO Urges Clients: Utilize Online Banking Interactively

During its recent Annual Leadership Conference, the technology CUSO, CU*Answers, recommended a series of goals for credit union clients to focus on during the 2011 business year.  The recommendations are spurred from recent enhancements to the online banking platform It’s Me 247 and focus on member security awareness and early adoption of online tools.

CU*Answers CEO, Randy Karnes, presented the following:

  • Push your members never to use their account number on the Internet – it will soon be easier than ever to set up your user name in It’s Me 247
  • Plan to have an online banking enrollment promotion every year using the new tools
  • Revamp your new membership procedures and get people online fast
  • Start using web page sales services inside of It’s Me 247 – raise your members’ expectations for purchasing and starting things through online banking
  • Refresh your security education materials and push another round of online security best practices at your members

The CUSO also said that it will announce a proof-of-concept project with 1-3 credit unions on designing its first privately-branded banking site.

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