CUSO Releases 2012 Pricing Guide

Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, released the 2012 version of its annual Pricing Guide to owners and clients.

“We have been publishing our Pricing Guide for as long as we have been in business,” says CUSO President Scott Collins.  “It matches our philosophy of full disclosure, both on our fee structure and our list of clients who utilize those services.  We believe it not only validates one of our core philosophies – pricing that is disruptive to traditional service providers – it also reiterates our principle of charging only when we need to, not simply because we can.”

Collins continues, “We have been able to steadily develop more credit union services throughout our nine years in business, and many have been the product of client focus groups.  We are excited that this version includes more services than ever before, including our new Online Chat, 5300 Call Report and Stand-In Support services.  But perhaps more than anything else, we are proud that once again none of our prices has increased over the previous year.”

Collins notes that Xtend currently provides service for more than one hundred fifty (150) credit unions and CUSOs nationally.