CUSO Proving That Outbound Calls Equal Leads

Xtend, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, recently reported to its owners and business partners that outbound calls to members during the past six months resulted in a higher rate of leads than the previous year.  CUSO President Scott Collins cited the 20% lead rates at two June events – the Xtend Annual Stockholder Meeting and the CU*Northwest, Inc. Annual Leadership Conference. 

At each meeting, Collins noted that “our agents have been experiencing a contact rate of nearly 40%, and of those members we were able to have conversations with, 20% were either sold on the spot or requested follow up by the credit union. I firmly believe it is a combination of two factors – our agents are really connecting with members during their interactions, and members are more receptive than ever to hearing what their credit union can do for them as long it is one their terms.  I have also seen more CEOs and their Boards warm up to the notion that targeted outbound communication, whether by phone, text, Email, Online Chat or online banking was being embraced by more and more of their members.  We have had several credit unions use us for the first time, and then immediately re-engage following the initial campaign.  That really gets our team excited that they are helping make a difference.”

Collins also thanked CU*Answers, Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI-based CUSO) for offering up to 500 free member calls to any of the 185 credit unions in its extended network.