CUSO Provides Holiday Back Office Support

Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, recently provided back office support for a group of credit unions that were closed for business on the day after Thanksgiving.  For the second year in a row, Xtend offered to handle post-holiday stand-in share draft, ACH, and ATM balancing support for credit unions who use the CU*BASE core data processing system from CU*Answers, Inc.  Ten credit unions opted to take advantage of this service, which was provided by the CUSO’s SRS (Shared Resources and Staff) business unit.

According to Xtend President Scott Collins, these short-duration solutions are something that credit unions have been asking the CUSO to develop as the company grows.  “From the time we first began to build our shared resources business units, our owners felt it was critical for us to have the scale to be able to step in on a short-term basis for our partners who had planned or unplanned staffing needs,” says Collins.  “Over the past two holiday seasons we have seen an increase in the number of partners who opt for us to handle their back office tasks.  In addition to our normal workload, we supported ten credit unions during the recent Thanksgiving break, and many of those have also engaged our team for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve assistance.  It is a win-win, since these are business-as-usual days for our team anyway.”

In addition to this stand-in holiday support Xtend’s SRS team also provides ongoing daily back office support for more than three dozen credit unions.

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